“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life” Omar Khayyam

joyful, bright, creative

My name is Mariya Bugrova. I am the creator of TSS Dance Group. I always dreamed to have my own dance group, but actually, the idea to create an adult project came to me in Autumn. It was a rainy day, a little bit cold, not any more positive spirit from summer. And idea pops up in my head. What can be more energetic, bright and positive then dance?!!! This how we decided to search for creative and talented people who love dancing!!! So with the honer, I want to introduce them. My dream team!!!

“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.”  Lewis Carroll

sociable, analytical, creative and life-loving

My name is Bella. I was born in Russia, lived in Israel for a bit, and moved to Canada by the age of one. I used to do figure skating and acrobatics when I was younger and came across dancing at the age of 13. After trying out several different styles, I can finally pick my top three: ballet, folk dancing, and of course all the styles that Mariya teaches. I love performing. The feeling of being on stage and the interaction with the audience give me enormous energy and confidence, and motivate me to work even harder, and in all aspects of my life. I have many hobbies, but dance lessons are definitely amongst the highlights of my week. It’s an addictive passion, which you eventually feel you can’t get enough of.

“Live the life you love”!

enthusiastic, social, open-minded, and with a sense of humour

I’m Tatiana. You can call me Russian and not Russian at the same time, and you will be right; originally I am Mongolian, but my family has been living in Russia for many years. So my nationality is called Buryat. Now my family has roots in Canada, since my son Alan was born here in 2016. I’ve been dancing my whole life. First at family events, then since the age of 7, I started to perform in a folk dance group called “Ulger”, which means “fairy tale” in the Buryat language. My dance troop was pretty famous in my hometown and our province; we won many competitions and successfully represented the Republic of Buryatia at the Russian Dance and Songs Festival in Vladivostok. I always wanted to learn street dances like vogue, contemporary and hip-hop. At TSS DANCE GROUP, my dreams finally came true! Why did I choose to join TSS DANCE GROUP? It combines my passion for dance, the nostalgia of the moment of performing on stage, and self-fulfillment. I met nice girls who have the same interests as I do.

“Life is like a cup of coffee, sometimes sweet, sometimes not. But what’s important in life, is not the taste of the coffee, but the person with whom you’re drinking it.”

joyful, responsible, and open person, and also a goal-getter

Hi, my name is Vicky. I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine. I never did any dancing before, as we didn’t have any suitable classes in my hometown. But since my earliest childhood, I always felt a rhythm in my body, as soon as I heard a melody. In my neighbourhood, we had our own dancing crew of girls, and we would perform every weekend. I loved and still love to watch dance TV shows, and my dream was always to be able to dance as well as they do in those shows. Thanks to Mariya, each class I’m getting closer to that dream.

“He who marches out of step hears another drum”  Ken Kesey

genuine, curious, and active person who adores to learn new things and skills

Hey! My name is Olga and I was born in Moscow, Russia. My passion for dance began with ballroom dancing during my childhood. Later, in my adult life, I fell in love with Latin rhythms and danced social styles like salsa and bachata for over five years. Dance to me is a source of joy that allows you to express yourself through music. It is enchanting and has the wonderful and intriguing power of transporting oneself in its musical universe. Recently, while trying new styles, I discovered hip-hop classes with Mariya. This was something new and different for me. Classes are centered on choreographies, so you immediately see the results of the efforts you apply. Also, the opportunity to perform with our group is an excellent challenge that pushes you above and beyond your boundaries. I would recommend it to everyone to discover the charming world of dance. 

“Dance without a soul is just a set of movements!”

perseverance, creativity, perfectionism

Hi, I am Kate. I was born in Donetsk, Ukraine and I am in love with dancing since I am a child. Initially, I was inspired by my older sister, who was dancing at the time. I remember how excited I was watching her performances on stage and spying on her during her trainings. Being an active and emotional person with changeable mood, I started to try different styles: from ballroom dancing to hip-hop. I realized that I want to be multifaceted, just like the dancing world. I started performing when I was 6, and since then I have been inseparable with the stage. At the age of 13, I decided to try sport aerobics. Within 1 year I started to take part in competitions of regional and European scales, and I eventually gained the title of “Master of Sports”. Aerobics increased my physical capacity and expanded my understanding of sport as an art. When I moved to Canada at the age of 23, I realized that one important part of my life was now missing… It was dance. I couldn’t find anything suitable for my skills and my soul, until I met Mariya last year. Thank you, Mariya! My soul finally revived and returned back to my body.


“Life is too short, so be positive!”

crazy, sport addicted, have positive vibes

My name is Alex Gubins and I’m from Riga, Latvia. I’m dancing just for months. Before I had an experience of ballet dancing when I was 7 y.o. , but after 2 years I have had to choose between soccer and dancing and I’ve chosen a soccer career. Anyway, I have never stopped to love dancing all that years and, when my soccer career was finished I decided to get back to dancing. My motivation to dance on the scene is because it has some similar feeling when you playing soccer in front of big crowd , like you enjoy, you do what you like and you entertain a lot of people doing your job.